How do Refugees move around Berlin? How do they organize to get through and where do they take space? What images do they create from themselves?

These questions were answered by the artists Sarnath Banerjee, Christian Hanussek and Diana Lucas-Droganas in cooperation with many others. The results are different scripts/handwritings which are in the broadest sense cartographic translation of their reality onto paper. In a Triology they tell us about the different dimensions of what we call “Refugee Comlpex”.

“The image series in the system revolves around deprivation of rights, dailylife tactics, survival strategies, and forms of resistance; the collective mapping sur place reconstructs urban seizing of space and everyday self-organisation in circumstances of exception; the multilayered notation Resumption Rehearsal retakes the issue of a self-organised centre of refuges in the city.”

On the 21. November participants will presents and explain three “mappings” in the foyer of the Gorki Theatre (12 – 15h). A round table (15-17h) with additional guests will take place to discuss the problems of mapping and cooperation as well as the questions which new spaces might emerge from this prosses.

For further information see metroZones, and Gorki theatre.