This map titled “Una cartografía del territorio geopolítico del Estrecho de Gibraltar” (A Cartography on the Geopolotical Area of the Strait of Gibraltar) tells on two pages the the story of space in and around the Strait of Gibraltar.

The map was designed by artists, activists and technologists from Spain and Morocco in the aftermath of the Fadiat 2004. On the one hand the map shows the area as a space of sociopolitical conflict. On the other hand, the map understands the area as a place of transformation. The three main topics shown in the map are migration and borders, new forms of work/precarious work and free communication/free knowledge. One page one the map depicts the area as a place, coined through militarization, migration, relocation of the capital, communication and social movements. On page two the map shows active social movements on both sides of the border as well as their active projects.

The map was created through an open Wiki where everyone was able to suggest content. The content was then discussed and finally put to paper. The map is used in social movements and is used as a basis for discussions.